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Welcome to April 2050, in the ruins of the United States. This year marks the first after the end of the war and the victory of the Titans over the the Gods. The Second Titan Games have begun: 24 Demigods forced to entertain the Titans in a fight the death. The Gods are locked up in Tartarus, while the Titans allow the remaining population to live in abject poverty. Hold on tight, because this is our ungodly hour.
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Harper Kennedy


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Jan 1 2013, 09:09 PM
Harper Lynn Kennedy


NAME: Harper Lynn Kennedy.
NICKNAME(S): To the Red District, she's Robin. To everyone else, Harper works just fine.
AGE: 17.
BIRTHDAY: April 7th, 2042.
CLASS: Demigod (Apollo).
OCCUPATION: Post-apocalyptic Robin Hood.
RESIDENCE: New York City, Red District.
FACE CLAIM: Kristina Romanova.

    Lean and long-boned, Harper has legs for miles and skinny arms that stretch every which way possible. She holds herself straight and tall, with a strong slant to her back and piercing, sky blue eyes that could hold a gaze for hours. Not altogether so well-endowed in the chest area, she couldn't actually care less about her breast size. Her pink lips curve back into a wide, beautiful smile, the most perfect feature on her face. She has smooth skin, but it's often covered by a layer of dirt or smoke from her adventures. There are scars and scrapes along the rest of her body, and callouses litter her feet and hands. She wears simple clothing that she can move easily in, often dark and bland so that she'll blend in better, and usually keeps her long, burnt-blonde hair in a ponytail so it stays out of her face. As far as shoes go, she prefers the scruffy tennis shoes that she has come to know so well.
    Harper Kennedy is the throttle of a jet engine, the vibrating strings of an electric guitar. Her actions are reckless and brash, coordinated just enough to launch a stream of chaos into the universe. Disillusioned with the idea of civilization and proper behavior, Harper adheres to her own set of morals and principles. She believes in action for the sake of action, resistance for the sake of fighting back, regardless of who actually holds power. There's something entirely satisfying and beautiful in chaos and meaninglessness, or at least, so Harper believes with all of her being.

    She's a singer of all songs off and on key, a conductor through which energy is zapped through people and places. Her honesty is a disease; she says what's on her mind, and she had no desire nor use for subtlety, even if it could get her out of the many situations she finds herself trapped in. She finds other ways to compensate, with a sharp tongue and a mind that's constantly churning. Confidence is hardly an issue, though she waxes and wanes on arrogance. Her talents are many and widespread, and though she does not often keep a strong interest in any one thing for any extended period of time, her capacity to focus when the issue at hand calls for it is very impressive.
    In the mortal world, Harper Lynn Kennedy was a queen-to-be from the moment she was born. Her father was oblivious that she was not actually his kid, but born of a God, and so, for that matter, was her mother; she had drunk a little too much that night and it's easy enough to convince yourself you've used a condom when you haven't. Shannon and Richard Kennedy worked as insurance bankers, making more money than they could possibly ever need and living in a house that was far too big for three people. They would never have another child, though, because Richard was unable to have kids at all. Harper was all they had, so they spoiled her to an immeasurable degree.

    But even as a young child, she would have none of it. Harper had adventure and music in her blood, and her days consisted of scraped knees and banging on anything her parents had forgotten to take away from her. Perfectionists as they were, her parents tried to reel her in time and time again, but there was no controlling Harper's spirit, that much was evident from the start. Her early years passed in relative happiness, with a few very minor hiccups whenever her parents tried to force her into a dress for a fancy event.

    When she turned seven, the world flipped upside down. Two things happened almost simultaneously: the War began, and Apollo payed the family a visit, quite tactlessly. Richard left, that night, to sort out his feelings about his wife having cheated on him, and he never returned, struck by merely being close to a battlefield between the Gods and Titans. Now it was only Harper and her mother, who grew closer every day as their lives grew more and more at stake. New York City was a dangerous place to be, so they escaped to the suburbs until the tide of the War turned and the threat of monsters was too dangerous to live with anymore.

    By the last years of the War, they had settled almost comfortably in the City; housing and water they had, food they did not. That was when Harper started stealing and learned to get around, just as her mother learned not to ask questions. Shannon was soon consumed by an illness so great she could do very little but stay in bed; after a while, the illness faded (thanks to medicine Harper had stolen), but her strength did not return. Feeble compared to her previous self, Shannon stayed in the house most days and took up sowing and repairing clothes to bring in a meager income.

    At the same time, Harper took up rebellion. She had run into a group of kids that had a zeal for causing chaos and making music, and she decided that was a damn good lifestyle. The robberies brought her enough income to pay the cousin of one of her friend's to make her a bow, something she'd always dreamed of, and she never let it out of her sight. It came in handy when they started instigating random attacks against the Titans, setting off fires, blowing things up, stealing, and so on. A before the War came to a screeching end (and Harper didn't really care about it anymore by then), they conducted a theft of a proportion they had never attempted before.

    They pulled it off with resounding success, Harper leading the way, and sang loudly about it that night. Walking home alone, the girl tripped over a homeless man on the sidewalk; she looked down to see emaciated ribs and deathly skinny legs. Remembering a book her father had once read her, so many years ago, about a man who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, Harper pulled out half of her hard-won cash and tucked it under his pillow. The action wasn't so much out of kindness as it was a big fuck you to hierarchy and civilization. After all, her parents had been rich, successful bankers, and where the hell had that gotten them?

    The next few months saw Harper turn into a living legend of the Red District in New York City. She could care less about the fame; it was that moment when she had just set off fireworks from a tower she had broken into, or stolen the better part of the property of a member of the Titans' Guard, those moments were what Harper lived for. And she was good -- so good, in fact, that she was never caught.

    Until, of course, she was.

    The Titans' Guard took her in for questioning instead of killing her outright; she was a special prisoner after all, a hero of the ordinary person in the Red District, and murdering her in cold blood would certainly provoke some kind of civilian reaction that they really did not want on their hands. A couple nights in their holding cells dragged by, and then all of a sudden, Harper found herself free, back on the chilly, winter streets of her city. She was confused, until she heard the announcement President Cain made the very next day.

    The Titan Games were coming. And she was going to be a part of them.
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PLAYER: Angie, yo.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Morrigan Cain, Lana Ramirez, Despy Summers, Horace Brown.
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